Cleaning and Caring for your Reusable Glass Milk Bottle and Lid

The glass bottles are relatively easy to care for:

* Wash in hot water using just a little drop of detergent

* You can give the glass bottle a good scrub with a clean plastic dish brush (it is a good idea to keep a separate one to the one you use for your other dishes)

* You can put your glass bottle and lid in the dishwasher but ensure you dry the lid inside once washed, to prevent it from rusting.

* A clean tea towel should be used to dry both bottle and lid.

* Baking soda and warm water can also be used to cleanse and freshen your bottle.

* The glass bottle can also be sterilised with boiling water.

* DO NOT place in the glass bottle in the freezer or use bleach to clean the bottles as this will taint the milk.

* Stand the glass bottle upside down on a paper towel to cool before putting the lid on.