Milk Integrity

If you are new to Raw Milk, we suggest Introducing it slowly into your diet; begin with small amounts so your body can adjust to the beneficial mlcroflora.

Recycling Reusable Glass Bottles

Please support less Reusable Glass Bottles in the environment by ensuring you thoroughly clean your milk botlles and put them out for recycling WITH the lids. If the bottles are properly cleaned they WILL be recycled, II not they will end up as landfill. Thanks for your cooperation to help minimise the plastic In Our environment.

What is the shelf life of raw milk?

The shelf life of the milk entirely depends on how well it is looked after once you have removed it from the drop off location fridge. We recommend taking a chilly bin and ice packs when picking it up in case there is a delay in getting it home to your fridge. Your fridge temperature should be no higher than 4*C and you should keep your milk in the fridge part and NOT on the door. If your milk is properly cared for at least a week. However we also recommend that you transfer from the plastic containers to either Glass or food grade Stainless Steel containers.

Can I freeze raw milk?

You can freeze your raw milk, however we wouldn't recommend freezing your raw milk because it can result in vitamin and probiotic loss. Please find more information about why not to freeze raw milk here.

What Vitamins are present in Raw Milk?

There are many water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins present in Raw Milk, click HERE to learn more about these vitamins.

Can you tell me know to make butter and/or ice cream with my raw milk?

We do not have any written instructions available, but several helpful tutorials and recipes can be found online simply by searching on Google. Here are a couple of useful links;

  1. Learn how to make butter from raw milk
  2. Home made raw milk chocolate ice cream
  3. Basic home made raw milk ice cream (sweetened with honey)