Your Milk from Your own COWS

What does it mean to own cows

You want to own a cow because you love the taste and benefits of beautiful Raw Milk. The issue is you don't own a paddock, haven't got the experience or the time. Our Milk Group will lease cows that you can own a share of. The milk that the cows produce will be yours to do as you please. All you need to do is pay for the services and expenses of your share of the cows. That means you don't have the hassles and can still enjoy the milk you love.

Is all raw milk the same?

  • No!

    There is a lot of variation due to the many factors that go into its formation. What the cow is fed, how and where it's raised, how the milk is collected all play important roles in its safety and quality. OMGLP believe, as do many others, that cows pastured on green grass, produce milk with amazing health benefits.

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